William Robert
Marlin, Jr.

April 24, 1969 - September 7, 2021

William Robert Marlin, Jr., age 52 of Florence, passed away September 7, 2021. Visitation will be Friday, September 10 from 11:00 – 12:00 and service will follow at 12:00 pm at Williams Funeral Home. Burial will be in Tri Cities Memorial Gardens.

Bob was preceded in death by his mother, Jill Biggers (Kelly); sister, Nikki Marlin; grandparents, Bernice and Hershal Cross; grandmother, Bobbie Daly; Grandfather, Calvin Marlin.

Survivors include his loving wife of thirty-one years, Gail Marlin; parents, Bob Marlin, Sr. (Pat); children, Chelsea Nicole Marlin, Garrett Brice Marlin; siblings, Jason Biggers, Josh Marlin and Heather Sager.

He enjoyed Alabama Football, online gaming, deer hunting, was great at wood working, excellent with computers and computer programming. He always enjoyed helping family and friends in need.


September 10, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Spry Williams Funeral Home, Helton Drive, Florence, AL, USA

September 10, 2021 11:00 am

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September 10, 2021
12:00 pm


Spry Williams Funeral Home

September 10, 2021 12:00 pm

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33 Comments on “William Robert Marlin, Jr.”

    1. I’m going to miss you Bama, I can’t believe thay you’re gone. I carried you through the toughest GM’s and I will never forget the dungeons, crucible and iron banner, private pvp and speedruns we had. I’ll miss you. Rest easy Bama.


  1. Bob “Bama” as I knew you, I send my love and condolences to your family, you had made a impact on so many peoples lives and in our clan, we are devastated by your loss. Thank you for the great memories, always being a amazing person and a light in our clan. We will never forget you! We love you ! Rest In Peace my friend you will be missed and never forgotten.

    1. You were the most patient man I know and ever had the privilege to play video games with. My paraders go out to your family. -reaper

  2. Bama you we’re always an awesome friend. We had so many awesome memories with each other especially raiding :). i just wish i can hear your voice one more time it will definitely brighten my day. You’ll always be my bestfriend buddy :). Rest In Paradise Bama <3

    1. Bob, Bama as i knew you, thank you for all you helped me accomplish in Destiny, for being an amazing friend and mentor, starside, and in regards to problems of this world. Words can’t even begin to describe the pain brought on by hearing of your passing and i offer my sincere condolences and prayers to your family. Eyes up Guardian

  3. Rest easy Guardian. You will be missed by everyone in the clan. We love you, we got the raids down here brother. Rest In Peace

  4. Rest easy man. We only played together a few times but you taught me a lot about destiny and helped me get caught up. You will be missed

  5. To Bob’s family: Sending my condolences and deepest sympathy’s. Bob was an incredibly kind, funny, and helpful person. He will be truly missed.

    To Bama: I miss you so much already. You were so patient and kind to everyone, and one of the best gamers I have had the pleasure to play with. I am so glad that I got to know you and bring you into the clan. We all are thinking of you and sending our prayers your way.

  6. I cant believe your gone Bama. As I look at this website, tears in my eyes, I’m remembering the joy you brought to everyone. The clan will never be the same without you. You’ve been an amazing friend and given me countless memories to look back on fondly. Thank you for being someone I could confide in and someone I could rely on. May your memory always live on.

  7. My deepest condolences to the family of our beloved friend, Bob “Bama” Marlin.

    Bobs humor, unilateral respect, and general welcomeness to all people enlightened his family and his community (both at home and abroad). Not to mention always happy to be the butt of a good-natured joke.

    Our world is certainly darker without him, but yet when we look up into the sky there may be perhaps, another light shining down upon us.

    Lest we forget our friend, and Guardian.

  8. My clanmate and brother in light BAMA. It breaks my heart to know that you will no longer be with us. I had so much fun playing Destiny with you, doing raids and you were one of the first that taught me to run GMs with the utmost patience. Your humbleness and great sense of humor will be remembered and missed greatly. Rest in peace Guardian and always be that light that shines in our clan. We will miss you buddy.

  9. You were one of the best Sherpas I know. We’ve done a lot of raids together and had tons of laughs. I still remember my first Eater of Worlds and you were leading the pack. You will be missed and I’ll see you star side

  10. When I first started off in our destiny clan I didn’t really have much knowledge or time in the video game, and after a few months with the clan, a new thing came out that I didn’t have enough money. Bama was among the people to very very very graciously send me the money I didn’t have, to pay for it. Me, a stranger to him all because he liked me. In our clan we didn’t just lose a clan member, we lost an entire family member. Bama enabled me to continue to play with these people, to make new friends and to grow out of my shell and be comfortable around everyone. With his single act of kindness, and patience. Even in 5 and a half hour raids he was still patient, he will always be the best Sherpa in my eyes. To Bob’s family, I send my deepest condolences. I really wish I could have met him in person, even over a silly video game he was a great man. I miss you Bama

    -Metrobe (Zak)

  11. You were super patient when I was doing my first ever raid and we only played together a couple times but they were great. Rest in peace Bama.

    – Blazing

  12. I only played with you a couple times but I will miss the college football banter we had when we played together. Thank you for being a kind and friendly person. Rest In Peace buddy, you will be missed.

  13. You will be missed my friend. You always had such a positive attitude that is rare in this trying times. And even though your gone, your light with live on the hearts of everyone it touched. Rest easy guardian.


  14. Bama you were a great friend and I always enjoyed our banter. From the moment I heard you were sick I prayed for your return. Heartbroken to know that we’ll never speak again. I’ll charish the time we did have together. My heart goes out to those left in the wake of his passing. He was a great man, friend and guardian.

    Eyes up Bama.

    Much love, Havik

  15. You were a great friend, “Bama”. Always eager to help others and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I got to spend playing with you and laughing in party chat. Rest in peace buddy, you will be missed! – Scar

  16. Bama, I didn’t know you for very long but I can truly say that I’m happy to have met you online this past year. You were an amazing role model in Destiny and I wish we could have spent more time together. My prayers go out to you and your family and i wish you the best. Rest in peace my friend.

  17. Bama, I enjoyed talking with you and gaming together, you will be missed. Eyes up Guardian hopefully I’ll see you in the next galaxy

  18. My deepest condolences… As I am new to the pack I’m sorry to hear what happen but now you are in a better place now. We know you are watching over us and the memories you have created will never be forgotten. We will not give up we shall continue for you. Much love Rest now Guardian.

  19. Our gaming community is truly at a loss. I know our clan will never forget the good times we had together. We will laugh about “being bama’d” and think of you. You were patient and kind and made an impact on all of our lives. I wish peace and healing to your loved ones, and hope they find comfort in everyone’s kind words. Eyes up guardian.

  20. Meet Bama and immediately liked him he was a good person. Friendly funny nice guy…so sad…my sincere condolences to his family

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